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Investigative Services

Investigative Services


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Forensic Psychophysiologist

We have Forensic Psychophysiologists on staff that can handle deception matters which include employee, relationship, and sex offender testing. Our professionals use computer examination equipment that includes equipment to detect physical countermeasures. They utilize multiple methods of verification of the results and are experienced pre and post interview specialists.

Accident Reconstruction

Two members of our staff have extensive traffic investigation and reconstruction experience and training. They have obtained training from prestigeous organizations such as the Northwestern University Traffic Institute, the California Highway Patrol Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. These professionals have worked side by side on matters that have resulted in NTSB recalls and product liability lawsuits.

Identity Theft - Fraud

Our investigators can assist you in identity theft prevention, reclaiming your identity, documenting losses and locations of losses. In some cases we are able to assist local authorities in the indentification of fraud and the individuals involved in the fraud. Identity theft is currently one of the leading problems facing the financial community today. Our experts also have experience in reviewing and recommending procedures to insure the integrity of the finacial platform in place.

Skip Tracing

Locating individuals that have incurred debt and failed to pay the debt as agreed. When the person sought has secured the debt with property, we can assist in the recovery of the property. We utilize state of the art resources to effectively and efficiently handle your skip trace needs. Our past clients include individuals, banks and credit unions.

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Collision Report Review

Our team of professionals will review your traffic collision report for accuracy. With our combined knowledge and skills we have over 75 years of police experience.

If we determine there are inaccuracies we will inform you of those inaccuracies and give you the necessary information to correct them. If however, you chose to have us correct the errors we will make the corrections using the state approved forms and submit them to the appropriate agencies.


Educated in Engineering, trained by Northwestern Traffic Institute, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the California Highway Patrol's Major Accident Investigation Team M.A.I.T. and possessing the skill and common sense required of a police officer we can handle any reconstruction task you may have. Vehicle vs. vehicle, vehicle vs. fixed object, vehicle vs. pedestrian, vehicle vs. bicycle, train vs. vehicle, train vs. pedestrian, or any combination of these we have someone on our staff that has experience in that area. Our investigators have filed thousands of criminal cases, Watson murders, vehicular manslaughter, gross negligence, and simple infractions. We know what the District Attorney's Office looks for when they file and prosecute a case. Armed with that knowledge we can assist you not only in criminal matters but civil matters too. Although civil court rules differ, the case facts and method of investigation do not. Our expertise can make the difference for you.

Perhaps your case requires three dimensional animated reconstructions. We can assist you with this too. We have the resources and know how to bring you the advantages of the latest in technology.


Need the information a VERICOM can provide but don't have one or the time to train in it's use. We will do it for you. Our experience with this device allows us to assist you and testify on it's application and function. We Can provide you with the data you need using the VERICOM 3000DAQ

Traffic Collision Reconstruction: The Vericom Brake Testing Computer has been used by leading experts in the field of traffic crash investigation since 1984 including IPTM and Northwestern Traffic Institute. It has become the favorite and most widely used accelerometer device in the US and the world for measuring drag factor.

Bus Maintenance:The electronic Vericom has replaced the outdated mechanical type brake meter for DOT brake inspection. It has become the only Brake Meter approved by New Jersey DOT, New York State DOT, New Jersey Transit Authorities, New York City Transit Authorities, most leading transit authorities in the US, Canada and many other countries.

Engineers and OEM: Automotive Engineers throughout the world use the Vericom performance computer for measuring acceleration, deceleration and Lateral G. Our elite customer list includes all major vehicle manufactures, tire manufacturers and most OEM suppliers.

Drivers Training: Add the reaction timer switch and the Vericom becomes a valuable tool for driver’s training and assessment. Used by rehabilitation centers and driving schools.

Runway Friction Testing: Approved by the FAA for accuracy. Pending final approval as a decelerometer for measuring runway friction during winter conditions.

Rail Car Testing: The Vericom inertial navigation system is fast replacing the expensive chart recorders for measuring and recording rail car performance.

Trucks: The Vericom is the most versatile and accurate brake meter available. Over the road carriers use the Vericom to measure vehicle braking force and air pressure build up.

Racing: Racing of any kind. The Vericom can measure acceleration, deceleration and lateral G. It is used by drag racers and circle track racers. It can also be used as a data acquisition system by adding additional sensors.

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