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Polygraph Services

Polygraph Services


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Forensic Psychophysiologist

We have Forensic Psychophysiologists on staff that can handle deception matters which include employee, relationship, and sex offender testing. Our professionals use computer examination equipment that includes equipment to detect physical countermeasures. They utilize multiple methods of verification of the results and are experienced pre and post interview specialists.

Accident Reconstruction

Two members of our staff have extensive traffic investigation and reconstruction experience and training. They have obtained training from prestigeous organizations such as the Northwestern University Traffic Institute, the California Highway Patrol Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. These professionals have worked side by side on matters that have resulted in NTSB recalls and product liability lawsuits.

Identity Theft - Fraud

Our investigators can assist you in identity theft prevention, reclaiming your identity, documenting losses and locations of losses. In some cases we are able to assist local authorities in the indentification of fraud and the individuals involved in the fraud. Identity theft is currently one of the leading problems facing the financial community today. Our experts also have experience in reviewing and recommending procedures to insure the integrity of the finacial platform in place.

Skip Tracing

Locating individuals that have incurred debt and failed to pay the debt as agreed. When the person sought has secured the debt with property, we can assist in the recovery of the property. We utilize state of the art resources to effectively and efficiently handle your skip trace needs. Our past clients include individuals, banks and credit unions.

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We can provide discrete professional surveillance or polygraph services for matters of the heart.

For a domestic matter polygraph perhaps you have a specific issue you want tested. We can handle this. It may be a single named person who the party is having an affair with or sexual relations. Perhaps you suspect the party is having relations with another but do not know who the person is. This type of situation can be handled using an exploratory polygraph exam, covering more issues.

Our trained investigators who also have training in Forensic Psychophysiology are able to co-mingle their skills to resolve matters that are of concern prior to a marriage agreement being entered into. Typically these issues are of concern when one or both of the parties have substantial financial assets and/or colorful life experience.

Whether the issue is infidelity or asset/honesty we can assist you. Many matters may be resolved within a matter of 3-4 hours in an examination with one of our Forensic Psychophysiologists.


The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)of 1988 prohibits most private employers and companies from using lie detector tests (polygraphs, voice stress analyzer, deceptograph amongst others)for pre employment screening.

The Act states that employers generally may not request or require job applicants to take a lie detector test as a condition for employment or discriminate against them for refusing to do so. They are also prohibited from asking about previous polygraph tests. However certain employers are not affected by this law.

  • The EPPA does not cover federal, state and local governmental agencies such as police and fire departments
  • The EPPA does not cover public agencies such as a school system or correctional institution
  • Subject to certain restrictions the EPPA does permit certain private employers to administer polygraph tests. These are:

  • Companies who provide security services such as armored car personnel, the design of security systems (alarms) and the provision of security personnel (guards) in facilities that impact on the safety and health of any state.
  • Companies that manufacture, distribute or dispense controlled substances including pharmaceuticals.


    Businesses can request a current employee to take a polygraph examination or suggest to such a person that a polygraph examination be taken, only when specific conditions have been satisfied. However, the employer cannot require current employees to take an examination, and if an employee refuses a request or suggestion, the employer cannot discipline or discharge the employee based on the refusal to submit to the examination.
    What are the conditions that an employer must meet in order to ask a current employee to take a polygraph? The American Polygraph Association is furnishing the following information, which it believes is in good faith, and conforms with the Department of Labor's Regulations relating to polygraph tests for employees. This information is considered only as a guideline to assist in complying with the Act and Regulations, and the American Polygraph Association is disclaiming any liability in connection therewith. Employers should develop their own forms, using their own company name, and should also review their final forms through their own legal counsel.

    Checklist for the Employer

    1. The incident must be an ongoing, specific investigation.
    2. It must be an identifiable economic loss to the employer.
    3. Obtain a copy of the Employer Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.
    4. Provide the employee with a written statement that includes:
      • identification of the company and location of employee
      • description of the loss or activity under investigation
      • location of the loss
      • specific amount of the loss
      • type of economic loss
      • how the employee had access to the loss Note: access alone is not sufficient grounds for polygraph testing
      • what kind of reasonable suspicion there is to suspect the employee of being involved in the loss.


    It seems to be the public's general opinion that the results of polygraph testing is not allowed in court under any circumstances.

    The truth is that polygraph results are admissible in most courts across the country. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the issue of admissibility so it has been up to individual jurisdictions to allow or disallow them. There are some jurisdictions that have absolute bans on admitting polygraph results, but most allow them.


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