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Forensic Psychophysiologist

We have Forensic Psychophysiologists on staff that can handle deception matters which include employee, relationship, and sex offender testing. Our professionals use computer examination equipment that includes equipment to detect physical countermeasures. They utilize multiple methods of verification of the results and are experienced pre and post interview specialists.

Accident Reconstruction

Two members of our staff have extensive traffic investigation and reconstruction experience and training. They have obtained training from prestigeous organizations such as the Northwestern University Traffic Institute, the California Highway Patrol Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. These professionals have worked side by side on matters that have resulted in NTSB recalls and product liability lawsuits.

Identity Theft - Fraud

Our investigators can assist you in identity theft prevention, reclaiming your identity, documenting losses and locations of losses. In some cases we are able to assist local authorities in the indentification of fraud and the individuals involved in the fraud. Identity theft is currently one of the leading problems facing the financial community today. Our experts also have experience in reviewing and recommending procedures to insure the integrity of the finacial platform in place.

Skip Tracing

Locating individuals that have incurred debt and failed to pay the debt as agreed. When the person sought has secured the debt with property, we can assist in the recovery of the property. We utilize state of the art resources to effectively and efficiently handle your skip trace needs. Our past clients include individuals, banks and credit unions.

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Report Review Traffic Collision Report Review


Price: $19.95

Review of police traffic collision report. based upon a report of 25 pages or less.  
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Supplemental reports for local agency and S.W.I.T.R.S. Supplemental report for traffic collision


Price: $20.00

A supplemental report to be submitted to the original reporting agency and a copy sent to California Statewide Integrated Reporting System. (Up to 3 pages)  
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Traffic Reconstruction Services Traffic Collision Reconstruction Retainer


Price: $375.00

Retainer/minimum collision reconstruction services. This service may include diagraming, photographing, impact measurements, and computer analysis.   
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Pre-Employment Background Pre-Employment Background


Price: $250.00

Pre-employment background investigation for one prospective employee  
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Deposition Deposition Testimony


Price: $225.00

Deposition testimony minimum cost three hours $75.00 each additional hour  
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Mileage Mileage


Price: $0.45

Mileage costs are calculated based upon Yahoo maps from point of origin to point of destination. For multiple locations origin to point one then to the next point and forward.   
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Exploratory Polygraph Polygraph Exploratory


Price: $350.00

Exploratory multiple issue polygraph test.   
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Single Issue Polygraph Polygraph Single Issue


Price: $250.00

Single issue test  
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Infidelity Polygraph Polygraph Infidelity


Price: $550.00

Party being tested must be willing participant. A hold harmless waiver will be required of both the party being tested and the other involved party. Both waivers will stipulate that the examiner has the...  
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Nanny database background and reference check Nanny / Sitter Search


Price: $75.00

Check out your prospective nanny or sitter before you leave your children or elderly family member with them. We utlize database querries and call former employers and current references.  
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